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Customer Success.

Customer success isn't created by accident. Channeled connects everyone in the customer process across Slack so teams can grow and engage customers, faster.

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Make the dream work. These teams do.

The easiest way to

be easy to work with

Channeled gives you superpowers to bring your teams and customers closer.

Speed and accessibility is a competitive advantage. Scale communication where your customers work across Slack, Teams, and email.

Faster workflows.

Stronger outcomes.

We're able to scale without losing personal touch. Literally couldn’t do my job without it.

Automate alerts, send broadcasts, sync help-desks, and manage your customer lifecycle.

No complicated reporting.

Just actionable data.

We’ve gone from tracking manually to knowing where to take action, instantly. It’s been night and day.

Connect your team's activities to customer engagement, usage, and revenue.

Focus on customer success.
We'll focus on the rest: scalable integrations, advanced security, and more.
Working with customers through Slack is what sets our support and relationships apart – so using Channeled was a no-brainer for us.
Ankur Goyal avatar
Ankur Goyal, CEO
CEO, Impira
Channeled allows me to make sure that no client request falls through the crack. We focus our energy on delivering value rather than verifying that we are up to date.
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Louise Badarani
Product Operations, Castor

A simpler way to grow customers.

See what your customer experience can look like when it doesn't involve 935,821 manually-tracked pings on Slack.

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