Who is Channeled for?

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Who is Channeled for?

Channeled is made for Slack-native teams who use Slack to drive onboarding, support, or ongoing lifecycle updates in their business. These can be internal Slack channels, external Slack channels, or (as is in many cases) both.

What problem does Channeled solve?

We help teams grow customer retention and revenue by enabling scale and automation in the highest-touch and impact communication channels. Today, companies are really good at handling a single ping or answering a support ticket or handling a customer conversation – but it's really difficult to turn that interaction collectively into predictable outcomes at renewal or expansion. Channeled solves that problem by automating alerts, team organization, and engagement accelerated with the speed and accessibility of Slack across the entire customer lifecycle.

How does Channeled work?

Channeled allows your team to view alerts/signals from customer channels in one place and enables you to take action individually or at scale based on those alerts/signals. Learn more about inbox management and workflow automations.

How will my team members interact with Channeled?

Channeled provides internal team members with a unified view of inbound and outbound customer messages. Internal team members can also take a number of actions to organize threads, add internal comments, schedule messages, and plan customer activity.

What does Channeled look like to my team’s end-customers?

Outside of initial installation in a channel, customers rarely interact with the Channeled app or bot directly (e.g, many experience no difference after Channeled is added vs a Slack-native messaging experience.)

What kinds of channels can we connect to Channeled?

Channeled works with Slack Connect channels, public Slack channels, and private Slack channels.

Does Channeled support multiple Slack workspaces?

Yes! Channeled supports organizations with multiple Slack workspaces and enables teams to share unified visibility across any connected workspace.

Do I need Slack Connect in order to use Channeled?

No, you do not need Slack Connect to benefit from Channeled. Channeled works with all tiers of Slack and channel types.

How does Channeled work with Zendesk or Intercom?

Channeled enables Slack threads to be escalated to a dedicated helpdesk like Zendesk or Intercom. Your team can customize whether escalations should happen automatically (e.g, every thread becomes a new Zendesk/Intercom ticket) or whether escalations should happen manually (e.g, CSMs interacting with customers in Slack choose specific tickets that require helpdesk escalation).

You can read more about our Zendesk integration here or about our Intercom integration here.

How does Channeled work with Salesforce or Hubspot?

Channeled enables customer owners, properties like stages, and activity like Slack threads to be synced with your CRM. You can read more about our Salesforce integration here or about our Hubspot integration here.

Can we export data from Channeled into other places?

Yes, you push additional data from Channeled into your data warehouse or BI platforms. Please chat with your Channeled Account Manager to enable access to Channeled’s API. API access is only available for paid plans and workspaces.

Is Channeled SOC 2 compliant?

Channeled adheres to industry-standard compliance frameworks attesting that our internal controls and processes meet and exceed requirements in securing customer data and set forth in TSP section 100, 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity and Confidentiality.

Does Channeled offer free trials?

Yes! You can start using any tier of Channeled for 30 days for free.

How does Channeled’s pricing work?

Channeled charges based on active customer organizations you’re interacting with using Channeled. For instance, if you’ve connected 500 Slack customer channels and only interact with 50 of them in a given month, you will be charged for 50 active customer (regardless of how many conversations you’ve had with each of them).

What does Channeled count as an active customer?

Channeled counts an active customer as a distinct end-organization with at least one conversation in a given month. We differentiate customer organizations from each other using domain (“uber.com” vs “lyft.com”), and we count conversations as any interaction (inbound or outbound) that you have with that organization in the specified period.

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