How Channeled works

Connect your team across the customer journey

Manage customer lifecycles, keep your team ahead of alerts, and scale communication. All with Slack.

A more scalable experience for your customers
Connect channels, scale assignments, run coverage confidently.

Put channel management on auto-pilot

Automatically connect customer channels and implement workspace defaults for ownership, responsiveness and handling.

Simplify tracking and alerts

Get a unified team inbox to see what needs to be done and where to follow-up. Create tags, add comments, and manage assignments.

Enable customers to self-assist or escalate

Give customers and teams the ability to create support tickets from Slack without clunky forms or bots – integrated directly to your helpdesk.

A more valuable day-to-day for your teamRemove noise and manual work to spend time on what's important.

Scale touchpoints and outreach

Deliver announcements and updates across channels and DMs at scale

Track milestones and proactive tasks

Trigger reminders and activities from product usage or stage updates, and take action with customers in real time

A pulse on sentiment and health

Schedule and manage announcements, updates, and intros across channels and DMs at scale

Get started in 3, 2, 1.

Channeled is currently in beta and building with early partners.
Before setting up, let's make sure Channeled is a good fit.

Let's meet

We'll learn about your current setup and determine if Channeled is a good fit.

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Install + setup

If Channeled is a good match, we'll take 15 minutes to install and configure.

Partner + support

We set up an ongoing Slack channel for keeping updates, feedback, and support.


Customers love your Slack channels. Now, you can too.

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