Real things customers have said about our team, approach, and product.

...Insane how fast this team builds. Mind-blowing.

Amazingly receptive and great brainstorming partners – couldn’t have scaled Slack with customers without them.

Absolutely incredible team to work with. A joy to be building the future of customer success in Slack with!

Wow. We’ve gone from manually checking and tracking to total visibility and confidence.

Blown away that we can have convos today that will be shipped the day after. A game-changer.

Always going the extra mile. Can’t underscore how incredibly collaborative this team is.

We save time and deliver so much value for our customers with Channeled. Couldn’t ask for better partners to work with.

What a lifesaver! We focus our energy on delivering value rather than verifying that we are up to date.

Integral to our implementation tech stack – being able to consolidate Slack customer comms has made a world of difference to our operations.

Customer-first in every sense of the word. Product obsessed and hyper responsive – we love working with them.

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