Workflows and Automations

Simplify growth.
Scale operations.

Manage customer lifecycles, keep your team ahead of alerts, and scale communication. All with Slack.

Save time
Automations for everyday, every team

Escalate to helpdesks

Turn Slack questions into helpdesk tickets.

Sync activity with CRMs

Save customer threads to SFDC or Hubspot.

Track task follow-ups

Sync threads with Asana, Jira, or Linear.

Scale revenue
Workflows for every customer, every time

Build customer workflows

Create tasks and sequences for onboarding, renewal, and customer activity.

Get lifecycle alerts

Recommend next steps and templates when customers are at risk.

1-to-many engagement

Create and automate broadcasts across Slack by channels or DMs.

Hit the ground running

Leverage integrations and templates out of the box (or easily make your own)

Channeled work with the same tools you do – Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Postgres, Snowflake, Intercom, and more.


Templates for onboarding, engagement, product updates, and milestones.


When you check Slack after this, you can either set 19 more reminders to yourself, or you can breathe a little easier. 🥹

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