Introducing Channeled’s integration with Intercom

Channeled's integration with Intercom gives organizations the ability to scale consistent support for customers in Slack.

As your customer base grows, it’s increasingly important to meet them where they are – in Slack and beyond. That’s why many teams use Intercom to manage support tickets across multiple platforms – from email, to in-app support, to live chat. But what if your customers expect personalized, high-touch support from Slack, where they're most active?

Enter Channeled's integration with Intercom – a simple way to keep your team organized in their helpdesk while keeping support personalized and high-touch in Slack.

Why we built this

Customer Success teams in Slack work closely with their Support counterparts to make sure that valuable customers in these high-touch channels get day-to-day questions answered. But for many Support teams, handling questions from customers in Slack channels requires context-switching, lost time, and worst of all – burnout.

About this integration

Channeled's integration with Intercom allows Support teams to stay organized and sane! in one place – their helpdesk – while giving Customer Success teams the confidence to route support questions from Slack to their internal team.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the integration:

Customer Support

  • Answer Slack messages from Intercom without having to jump back into channels
  • Collaborate with team members with synced internal commenting, allowing you to loop in cross-functional teams across Intercom and Slack

Customer Success

  • Customize when tickets are synced so that not all messages from Slack customers turn into support tickets in Intercom
  • Sync statuses, tags, and fields so that you can tag and update messages from Slack without jumping into Intercom, or vice versa

Learn more

Get details on Channeled's integration with Intercom here – or let us know what you think and what you'd like to see next by saying hello below!