Channeled is independently audited and compliant with regulations from day one.

SOC2 Type 2

Channeled meets and exceed requirements in securing customer data and set forth in TSP section 100, 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity and Confidentiality.

Penetration Tests

Channeled engages industry-leading firms to perform annual tests, using a mix of dynamic fault injection and in-depth study of source code.


Channeled encrypts data at rest using the industry standard AES-256 and data in transit using SSL/TLS.

Employee Training

All employees complete an annual security training and employ best practices when handling customer data.

Incident Response

Channeled rapidly investigates and responds to all reported security issues. Issues can be reported via

Secure Development

Channeled utilizes a variety of manual and automatic data security and vulnerability checks throughout the software development lifecycle.

frequently asked

Does Channeled store my data?

Yes, Channeled stores a small portion of your data, the smallest amount of data necessary to read messages from connected channels & to respond to those channels from our app.

Which data from my systems is being stored?

Channeled needs to store messages and related context from connected channels in order for you to take relevant action on them from the inbox app. For example, if a new message comes in from a connected channel, the body of the message; the name of the message owner; the avatar of the message owner; and the time of the message etc. are captured.

All data is transmitted over HTTPS, and any data stored is encrypted in transit and at rest using 256-bit encryption. Our application endpoints are TLS/SSL only.

Where is data stored?

Channeled is hosted on Amazon AWS US-West Region, including a backup replication.

For how long is data being stored?

Messages data will be stored for as long as you are using the Channeled inbox app to receive and respond to those messages.

When is my data deleted?

All your data will be deleted 30 business days after termination or on demand by contacting us.

Who has access to my data?

Only you and your Channeled Account Manager will have access to your configuration data for the sole purpose of supporting your account. All access to your data is logged and audited by Channeled to prevent misuse.

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