Introducing Channeled’s integration with Hubspot

Keep activity that happens in Slack in sync with your customer CRM, Hubspot.

Hubspot is where you manage your sales and marketing data. You can use it to quickly see activity and key characteristics across your funnel and pipeline.

But what happens if the majority of important activity with customers happens after the initial sale, and what if much of that high-value activity is in Slack?

Enter Channeled's integration with Hubspot – a powerful set of workflows that helps you share and scale customer activity between Slack and Hubspot.

Why we built this

It's important for teams to have one source of truth for their customers, and that's their CRM. However, as individual accounts move from pre-sales and into high-value Slack channels for post-sales onboarding, information in your CRM gets more siloed – and harder to keep up-to-date. Channeled's integration solves this by enabling teams to keep Hubspot connected to activity in Slack and syncing key datapoints across both systems.

About this integration

Teams can use Channeled’s integration to create a cleaner source of truth in Hubspot, share awareness between pre-sales and post-sales teams, and align organization in Slack with what's in the CRM.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the integration:

Capture Slack activity in Hubspot

  • Automatically capture key threads from customer Slack channels and view them instantly back in Hubspot

Sync Slack channel owners with a owner field in Hubspot

  • Stop asking, "Who owns [insert channel name] again?" Automatically see and sync owners for Slack channels with a Hubspot user field, enabling your team to confidently use Hubspot as a source-of-truth for customer owners

Sync Slack customer statuses with Account Status field in Hubspot

  • Enable your teams to filter by Hubspot Lifecycle Stage (or any other picklist field) in their Slack inbox. Automatically sync Lifecycle Stage for Slack channels with a Hubspot Lifecycle Stage field, enabling your team to organize their Slack channels at scale.

Learn more

Get details on Channeled's integration with Hubspot here – or let us know what you think and what you'd like to see next by saying hello below!