Introducing Channeled’s integration with Zapier

Channeled's Zapier actions help you automate every portion of customer operations in Slack, so you can focus on high-touch customer value instead of repetitive tasks.

Custom workflows aren't a nice-to-have – they're essential for every company. That's why we're excited to share Channeled's new Zapier integrations – automations and triggers that allow teams to build instant actions and flows that work in minutes without additional engineering work or time.

Why we built this

Channeled is built with a bevy of automations out-of-the-box – allowing you to customize a number of automations across auto-tagging and auto-assigning. But as we worked with many of our customers, we heard the need for more flexibility and precision in the day-to-day operations of running Customer Success in Slack.

Specifically, teams wanted to do even more to...

  • Automatically create Slack channels from Salesforce Accounts
  • Automatically connect customer Slack channels to the team inbox
  • Automatically send a customer broadcast when there was an outage or urgent update

About this integration

Channeled's integration with Zapier allows next-level customization for teams looking to streamline their processes and save even more time. Some of our favorite Zaps using the integration include:

  • Instantly connecting new customer channels with the shared team view
  • Automatically assigning CSMs to customer channels as they become created
  • Instantly mention specific team members when a message is updated with a certain tag

Learn more

Check out more on our Zapier integrations here, or let us know what you think and what you'd like to see next by saying hello below!