Automate Slack channel management like never before.
Automate Slack channel management like never before.

Channeled's Zapier integration gives you the flexibility to customize alerts, channel management, responses, and a whole lot more. Learn more about common use cases and how to get started below.

Enabling the integration

Channeled's Zapier integrations are currently in private beta. Chat with us about getting access!

Available triggers and actions

You can use Zapier to mix and match Channeled triggers and actions with each other, or with other apps your team uses.

Available Triggers

  • When a new message is created | Automatically triggers when a customer sends a new message
  • When a thread is updated | Automatically triggers a thread is updated with a new status, new tag, new owner
  • When a message is unassigned after X minutes | Automatically triggers when a message is kept in "New/Unassigned" status after a certain number of minutes

Available Actions

  • Invite customers to a channel | Allows you to dynamically invite users to a channel you've already created; we recommend using this as a multi-step zap with "Connect a customer channel"
  • Connect a customer channel | Automatically adds a channel into the Channeled inbox
  • Update a customer channel | Allows you to automatically update the Customer's owner or other properties
  • Update a thread | Allows you to automatically add tags, update status, assign an owner, or other properties.
  • Reply to a message | Allows you to automatically reply to a message from the original trigger.
  • Add an internal comment | Allows you to automatically add an internal comment.
  • Send a broadcast | Allows you to send a scaled message to many channels at once based on a trigger (e.g, upon an incident/outage that you might be reporting in another channel)

Ideas to get you started

When a new message comes in...

When a customer message is waiting for a reply...

When a specific incident has occurred...

When a new channel is created...

When a message is updated...

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